I am an Architect in a large enterprise. As an Architect the higher you fly the less connected you are, that is somewhat obvious, but I believe that architecture must be represented in the final implementation. What is defined as the architecture is not just a diagram with some boxes on it. It is part of the specification, and as such it must be followed. How well the architecture is communicated will determine how successful the architect is, and assuming you have a good architect that is capable of defining the optimum solution for your requirements it will also determine how successful your solution is.

In a former life I was a Civil and Structural Engineer. In my former country I designed the heaviest lifts (equipment lifted by crane) ever undertaken in that country. I mention this, only because in creating those designs, it really was not open for interpretation what needed to be done. The ground had to be prepared, the correct size crane needed to be identified. The lifting equipment, used to attach the item to be lifted to the hook had to be designed and fabricated. In doing this I ran real calculations on the forces and I designed the lift with enough safety to ensure it would perform without risk. The results were captured in blueprints and specifications, and standards. I believe we are on the same journey to software specification. We have a little way to go, but we are seeing forward movement all of the time.

This blog will be something of a journey to re-connect with my roots as a software developer, and to keep the Architect connected with the implementation. Along the way I hope that I can contribute some value back to the community that has nurtured me.


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