REST API is a Unicorn

I saw yet another tweet linking to a criticism that we should be careful what we call a REST API, and linking to a blog post of none other than Roy Fielding explaining what constitutes a REST API. I am not arguing that we shouldn’t be precise, in our language, but the reason so many people get confused is because the REST API is a Unicorn. This mythical beast has never been seen. Seriously has anyone, anywhere, ever blogged about a real Rest API that was worth a dam? If you follow the concepts of REST API to its logical conclusion you find that the perfect client application has already been invented. Its called the browser, and the application is the web. Anything short of this literally comes up short and is severely criticized. I am yet to see anyone that has come up with a Hypertext driven API that provided real value, as in more value than the cost of creating it. Please someone show me the true value, until then I am going to create HTTP API’s, I will think about resources and I will try to use Hypertext, but I sure as hell won’t call it REST.